Steve Buckley

Strength & Conditioning Specialist

By taking time to listen to you and fully understand your individual needs, I create thoughtful training programmes, tailored to suit you and your schedule.  By educating you, holding you accountable and re-evaluation, my strength & conditioning and fitness programmes help you reach your goals and fulfil your potential faster.
Join me to experience the difference that personal attention, guidance, support, and individualized plans make to your journey. 

Nothing Happens By Accident

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What I Do



What they say about me

Pedro Fernandez
Jiu Jitsu Black Belt/Owner of Tukaha
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I had an ACL, MCL, medial and lateral meniscus repair surgery in may this year. Started my rehab with Steve in July. He is highly knowledgeable and a hands on trainer. Quite often he actually does the work out with me. We have been training together for almost 5 months now. Rehab 3 times a week and strength and conditioning twice a week. I’m already feeling stronger then before my injury and my knee has been improving consistently since day one. I couldn’t be happier with my progress and would recommend him to anyone who’s after serious training.
Rachelle Wilson
Trail Runner
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Steve really listened to what I wanted to achieve (1/2 marathon trail running events), pushed me to do a wider range of training and corrected my technique. I really appreciate his depth of knowledge and the way he explains why each exercise is helps me stayed motivated.
Mick Ravlic
Constable Counties Manukau Police
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I have been with Coach Stephen for a few months now and without a doubt I can say my overall fitness has skyrocketed. I needed his help to prepare for a selection course where I would be tested to my physical limits. His specific training programs helped me nail the course without injury. I can always rely on him to reply and tweak my program to fit with my schedule and how I am feeling. Can’t wait to see what else we can achieve.
Renato Silva
Jiu Jitsu Black Belt
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I always have great work with FXV. Steve is knowledgeable and friendly. The workouts are well balanced with a range of exercises. He pushes me but still leaves me with energy to perform at my Jiu Jitsu training. Highly recommend it for injury prevention and improved performance!
Brent Newdick
Decathlete, Olympic & Commonwealth Games
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Steve helped me prepare for and travelled with me to several international events over 3 years. We got my jumps and throws firing at the same time and I hit several PBs at Gotzis in 2011. I also qualified for the London Olympics and came first in the Australian Championships 2012 in Melbourne under his guidance. Steve pushed me to my limits and intuitively understood what I needed. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their performance.

Strength & Conditioning

Steve has extensive experience training elite athletes for competition in World Championships, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and professional sport teams, such as the NZ Breakers and Northern Mystics.

Personal Training

Achieve better results, faster. Make the most of your time, avoid injury and promote recovery.

Steve will empower you to be the best you can be.  He’ll share his knowledge,  educate, motivate, challenge and guide you to reach your goals.

Training Programmes

Steve’s tailor made programmes work.

Personally designed and monitored, tailored to fit your schedule, your capabilities and specifically designed to achieve your goals.

Performance Testing

Giving you the edge. Evaluate and track your athletic abilities and ensure your training gains are leading to better physical performance.

Steve developed an advanced profiling system (FXV Performance Testing) to improve the way New Zealand athletes are bench-marked.

Case Study

NZ Breakers

Seven years as the Head Strength & Conditioning Specialist for the NZ Breakers spanning the period in which they won their first NBL Championship in 2011, successfully defended it in 2012 and 2013 and reclaimed it in 2015.

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Who we are


I am a strength and conditioning specialist with extensive experience training, testing and benchmarking elite athletes for competition in World Championships, Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and professional sport teams, such as the NZ Breakers and Northern Mystics.

I train a limited number of highly dedicated clients in Herne Bay and Auckland CBD and through my online platform train a range of clients around New Zealand with goals ranging from post pregnancy weight loss and qualifying fitness tests to injury recovery and long-term wellness.

Kiwi born and bred I spent eight years competing in decathlons both nationally and internationally.